April 17, 2018 Staged Reading at Storefront Labs

Kate is excited to be joining Storefront Labs Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 6.30 pm at the IndyFringe building as part of the staged reading of Jayme McGahn’s LIFE IN A SANDCASTLE.

6:30pm: LIFE IN A SANDCASTLE by Jayme McGhan (Directed by Katie Horwitz)

Two getaway weekends on the shore of Lake Michigan collide when childhood friends from two separate worlds find themselves doing battle against one another for the same fire pit at a beach resort in South Haven, Michigan. Political persuasions, economic privilege regional proclivities, educational barriers, and a mess of cheap sirloin and pickled quinoa quiche quickly become both shields and weapons as the women do battle for the sandy square footage they feel is rightly theirs.

8:45pm: FOR ARTEMIS ON HER WEDDING DAY by Iris Dauterman (Directed by Zach Neiditch)

Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, is about to marry Scott from Human Resources. The so-called “Eternal Virgin” has to deal with a disbelieving family, a rowdy bunch of bridesmaids, and a number of uninvited guests from her mythical past. A modern-day satyr play about what happens when goddesses settle for mortals.

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