Banned Books Week 2014

The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote for EclecticPond Theatre Company in honor of Banned Books Week (September 21-27). For the entire thing, visit ETC’s blog here.

Those who know me well know that I am just a little passionate about words. Not perfect; oh goodness, no! But passionate. I have run out of bookshelves in my home, which is convenient because I’m running out of places in my house to put bookshelves. Reading is practically a religious experience. The passage of time eludes me. I become surly when interrupted. In my past, the odd class or two has been skipped to finish a novel (my sincerest apologies to any professors and my parents if you happen to be reading this, and to the students of today, I do not advise following my example). I have a strong opinion on the Oxford comma (favorable, of course). I regularly stand up in front of strangers while wearing odd clothes and recite words written hundreds of years ago.

My name is Kate, and I am a story addict.

I know I’m not alone in this. In fact, I could (but won’t) name several of my companions who share this glorious affliction. And so, my friends, my comrades, I say to you and to all of the rising bookworms of the future,




I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.
-Douglas Adams

The intention of this blog has been to keep a regular flow of creative writing going, but as you may have noticed, well, whooooooooooooosh. Yes, that was the sound of more than a month going by since my last post. I totally left Bev & Arthur hanging.

That month’s absence is most simply explained by two things: discs and roses.

Or, perhaps not so simply.

More specifically, herniated discs rearing their ugly little nerve roots in my spine and The Wars of the Roses. Okay, that explained the first one anyway, but the wars of the say who, what now?

Yes, that’s right; The Wars of the Roses.

You see, I’m an actor and company member with this amazing little organization called EclecticPond Theatre Company, based here in Indianapolis. We produce imaginative, accessible adaptations of classic theatre, and as Shakespeare celebrated his 450th birthday just a week ago (or, rather, the world did for him, as I’m guessing the man himself is a bit past celebration these days), our entire 2014-15 season has been devoted to his work.

The final production of this season is in rehearsals now and is entitled, you guessed it, The Wars of the Roses. We are presenting all eight of Shakespeare’s history plays condensed into an hour each with a grand total of eight actors. Our performances will span the month of June and will culminate with all eight plays being performed in one day. That’s eight people performing Richard IIHenry IV Part I, Henry IV Part II, Henry V, Henry VI Part I, Henry VI Part II, Henry VI Part III, and Richard III starting at 10 am and ending roughly around 10 pm.

And yours truly is one of these eight actors. It’s amazing. It’s exciting. It’s exhausting, and the writing has definitely suffered.

So, by way of an apology for my whooshing deadlines, I offer to anyone who randomly comes across this entry and/or might be around Indy in June this fabulous imagery courtesy of EclecticPond Theatre Company. I highly suggest checking out the website and/or Facebook page.

Watch our trailer here.

Roses 2014

Okay, enough of my shameless plugs. And yes, we’ll get back to Arthur and Bev very soon.