Semi-weekly Art Project


Jam, Not Ham

gouache on paper, 4” x 6”




I’m making two pieces of art each week and offering the originals for sale to an email list. No one is ever obligated to buy anything. But you can also buy as many available pieces as you like!


I want to provide affordable art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very concerned about artists of all kinds being paid adequately for their work. However, I’m also very aware that that can mean a large number of people being priced out of experiencing art in a variety of forms. For example, I know it can be hard to purchase an original piece when you’ve got the income of an artist yourself. Therefore, in addition to other work I do, I want to make opportunities that allow more people to have art in their lives.


Emails will be sent twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday – both at noon) until I’ve done at least 100 pieces. If there’s ever a break in that schedule due to unavoidable emergency, I’ll let you know. However, the goal is to create, not just when life is quiet (whenever that is).

After 100 pieces, I’ll evaluate the process and eat a pie.



You’ll be emailed at the address you provide – always bcc’d – so you’ll be able to reply directly to me.


Each email will include:

Preview image of the item for sale

Price – US$ matching the consecutive numbering of the pieces ($1 for #1, $20 for #20, and so on)

Description of the piece – size and medium

Quick blurb about why I did what I did

Once the email has been sent, it will be sold to the first email reply to declare – wait for it – “SOLD.” I’ll reply to each email to let you know if you got it or not.

If you want a piece but hours/days have gone by before you could let me know, reply to me anyway, because:

  • Maybe no one else has purchased it yet. Or you can be a backup.

  • It’s helpful info so I can consider if I might make some into prints in the future.

  • I like y’all, and hearing from you is lovely.

Payment options are cash, check, and PayPal. I’ll arrange your payment with you via email.